DHP Finance Consultants

Investor Services

We can assist in creating “Sophisticated Investor Status”

DHP Finance Consultants

Entity Services

We are currently the Responsible Entity Trustee

DHP Finance Consultants

Share Trading

Share trading provides the opportunity for clients

Our Firm

Our firm’s main focus is dedicated to earning and supporting long-term clients and family relationships that will embrace multiple generations and we have committed our service levels to ensuring that this expectation is a reality for our clients.

We are passionate about and committed to serving our fellow community members and their families and friends to the very best of our abilities.

DHP Finance Consultants DHP Finance Consultants DHP Finance Consultants

Learn from the Industry Experts

We have designed our approach to provide you with an optional wealth management solution that is truely tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs and goals, giving you confidence in the future of your financial security.


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