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We have designed our approach to provide you with an optional wealth management solution that is truely tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs and goals, giving you confidence in the future of your financial security.

DHP Finance Consultants

Retail and/or Wholesale Clients

We can assist in creating “Sophisticated Investor Status” for qualifying persons and or companies so as to take advantage of Special Offerings from time to time under section 708 of the Corporations Act.

We have in the past been primarily involved with the junior resource sector because of the markets attraction to that area and high commodity prices, in recent times our activity has been dominated by the Blue Chip and top 200 sectors.

This change in attitude has been driven by the global lowering of interest rates resulting in fixed interest investors seeking higher returns on their cash holdings and yet wishing to remain in above average secure investments. No doubt this attitude will change when both commodity and interest rates rise again.

Portfolio Services

We specialise in creating Portfolios to suit the individual requirements of their clients based on their income and or capital growth needs. Subject to the active trading and or size of trades for an account over any given 12 month period, we will provide free of cost, Australia’s Premium Portfolio service, which provides clients daily online access to their portfolio of investments from anywhere in the world and detailed trading history and reports for accountants.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

We can assist Trustees in creating a portfolio of investments in accordance with the Funds Investment Mandate to achieve the retirement needs of the members, together with a Portfolio service and trading reports that save considerable funds at year end accounting periods and provide instant visual assessment of your current position.

Warrants and Options

Warrants and call options are both types of securities contracts. A warrant gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy common shares of stock directly from the company at a fixed price for a pre-defined time period. Similarly, a call option (or “call”) also gives the holder the right, without the obligation, to buy a common share at a set price for a defined time period.

International Trading

Trading in shares and ETF’s provide a broader spectrum of products to investors, to such companies trading on international exchanges which Australian investors would not normally have access to, as well as commodities and currencies. What attracts junior investors is the Gold and Commodity shares as well as the various Biotechnology stocks available on other exchanges.