Learn from the Industry Experts

We have designed our approach to provide you with an optional wealth management solution that is truely tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs and goals, giving you confidence in the future of your financial security.

DHP Finance Consultants

Financial Planning for the Future

Our qualified and experienced Financial Planners and Investment Advisers will simplify the complexity of your financial situation by developing a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding and building your wealth. Our service covers a wide range of areas including superannuation, retirement and estate planning, risk insurance and investment advice, so we can create a holistic and integrated solution for every investor.

Wide breadth of services

We integrate our approach to financial management means you can take advantage of a range of specialist products and services which can be combined to suit your requirements.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management incorporates financial planning and investment portfolio management. We will look after all your financial affairs, simplifying the management of your money by harmonising all aspects of your plan to meet your wealth-building goals and maximise your financial outcomes.

For most Australians, superannuation is both their biggest asset outside the family home and their main investment vehicle for providing an income during retirement. DHP Finance Consultants are here to unravel superannuation complexities and simplify your retirement financial planning while maximising your wealth.

Superannuation Advice

We offer individuals and their families bespoke investment solutions for funding their retirement and growing their superannuation savings. Our expert advice includes personalised solutions that consider all aspects of your retirement needs and aspirations.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

We can assist with the establishment and management of an SMSF and develop an effective investment plan to achieve greater wealth for your retirement. We will simplify the process for you and refer you over to an accountancy firm in your area and their expert team of accountants and solicitors who can help with all the necessary steps.

Retail Super Funds

Retail super is an ideal lower-cost alternative to an SMSF that still offers you flexibility and control over your investments. By working in partnership with our Financial Planners and Investment Advisers, you can diversify your portfolio across different asset classes and risk levels and choose the best fund managers to build your wealth. You can easily alter your investments if your needs change over time.